Footprints of the Ancients

Tours of the Sacred Sedona region with ceremonial guides,
 including from Hopi, Havasupai, Lakota and Kogi Heritage.

Montezuma Castle & Well, & Tuzigoot

5 hour tour with spiritual guides 

Remember your connection to the spirit world as you gaze upon sacred sites of the Ancestral Pueblo and Yavapai people. 


Feel your "belonging" to the natural world as you meditate in a land that was inhabitated by the Ancient Ones.  


Complete your journey in the footsteps of the ancients with a Native American ceremony that will free you of your burdens and open you to all of the sacred energy that Sedona has to offer.

Medicine Wheel Teachings

a 3-hour experience 

Our ceremonial guide journeys each participant through the four stages of life with animal totems, herbs and gifts.


The four elements - fire, earth, water and wind - are taught through the medicine wheel.

Hopi Land &

Grand Canyon

a full day experience

Join us for an amazing day. The land pulses with ancient healing secrets to align and balance your life.


Experience Prophesy Rock on Hopi Land, and a cleansing ceremony beside the beautiful background of the Grand Canyon. 


Remember all that you are by connecting with nature in it's purest form.


Join us for an unforgettable experience!

Your Guides

Mally Paquette

Mally has studied with spiritual leaders and lived among Indigenous Tribes throughout the globe. Her deepest teachings trace to the Lakota in South Dakota and the Kogi in South America.

Her strong spirit guides her clients into a receptive journey of self discovery, lowering boundaries and allowing them to find their peaceful center.  She abounds in gentle wisdom, truth, acceptance and kindness that is a rare find, even in Sedona.   

Owner of the renowned spiritual Awakenings Studio in Sedona, Mally has worked with clients from around the world, teaching, training and guilding them to Awaken and find the healer within. 

Jim Berenholtz

Jim Berenholtz is a multifaceted artist who has been training with native cultures in the living wisdom of the Earth for over fifty years. He is widely known as a ceremonial artist, helping to create multicultural ritual gatherings from Machu Picchu, Peru to the pyramids of Egypt.


In 1987 he served as the international coordinator for the Sacred Sites Festival of the Harmonic Convergence. When Jim guides a Footprints tour, he brings his fellow travelers into spiritual alignment with the ancient and natural worlds that he loves so much. Indigenous history and cosmology, music and languages are shared throughout the journey, making each tour a rich experience of genuine Sedona spirit and beauty. 

Ani Williams

Ani Williams has been dedicated to studying and sharing the wisdom of ancient cultures for more than four decades.  Her life's work mirrors the Yavapai-Apache creation story of first woman singing the earth alive.


She is a world-renowned recording artist, author and sound therapist, and has recorded more than two-dozen albums of original sacred music born from cross-cultural spiritual traditions.


Since 1990, Williams has guided sacred pilgrimages in Sedona, England, Scotland, Egypt, France and Spain. Williams has shared her music and stories around the world  and shares a wealth of earth wisdom and spiritual insights.