Awakening with Lemurian Crystals
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Lemurian Seed Crystal, or Lemurian Quartz, is of special power. Specifically programmed with vast knowledge, they were buried by the Lemurians themselves. The cosmic codes within the Lemurian Crystal awaken the human crystalline grid.


Medicine woman Mally Paquette selected these “ ancient ones” from around the world and restored them in her crystalline yurt temple, taking the energy from the sacred red rocks of Sedona.  


From her time with the Kogi, Mally learned to pray, bless and restore the energetically gifted codes of  each individual Lemurian Seed. In her Sedona temple, the crystals sleep in blessed mochillos of the Kogi and spend their days surrounded by South Sea Pearls.


Fed through sacred Hopi Katchinas, White Buffalo hair, Isis and Hathor Sistrums from the Giza Plateau, and Ancient Tibetan Phorbas  they are then bathed through several moon cycles and washed with sacred waters to restore their healing energies.  

Experience the Crystalline Temple

Twice a week, Mally opens the sacred Crystalline Temple for guests to experience a 75-minute healing session.


Only one guest is allowed per session and only two sessions are performed each week to allow the crystals to provide each guest with the full experience of their healing power.  


Surrounded and covered by healing crystals, resting inside the secluded warm environment of the Temple, Mally uses the power of the Lemurian to bring you healing and peace.  

Sessions are $444 and reservations are required. 

Call Mally 772-643-2742.

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Healing with A Lemurian Crystal of Your Own

We are each a Divine Crystal ourselves. Mally works with each Lemurian crystal to attune the messages for pairing an individual keeper with their perfect Star Being!

Once you have decided to become a Keeper, Mally will match your life journey to your very own Lemurian Crystal.  The infusion of the goddess and sacred energies will light your path and your purpose.


Not in Sedona?  Mally can work with you through FaceTime or Zoom to guide you to your best pairing.  


Three sizes of crystals are available for $444, $555, & $888

Call Mally 772-643-2742.