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Healing Through Sound

We are Sedona's largest supplier of the world's best alchemy bowls made by Crystal Tones.   Crystal singing bowls by Crystal Tones are made of the highest quality crystals, making them incredibly resonant.  We stock over 100 alchemy bowls which are magnificent sound vibrational healing tools. Since human beings are comprised of more than 70% water, these high vibrational frequencies are integrated into the cells and the organs recalibrating the human body. Our gifted instructors guide you to a Higher Consciousness and you will tap into true healing. Laura is an expert in combining sound vibration and guided meditation,  as well as integrating different healing modalities. Mally specializes in sacred geometry and her decades of shamanistic teachings. Together they blend high vibrational medicine to soothe stress, pain, and anxiety delivering integrative healing for body, mind, emotions and Spirit! 


We offer Sound Healing classes on Fridays and Sundays at 5:30.  

Alchemy Crystal Bowls

At this time on the planet, we are going through a new paradigm shift.  The earth's crystalline grids are awakening as well as our own personal crystalline structure.  As these ancient prophecies unfold, humans can utilize sound vibration therapy to integrate these higher vibrational energies.  Each alchemy crystal bowl vibrates to a different tone and note which affects the different chakras, the energetic centers throughout the body.  Every bowl sings and merges into the subtle bodies delivering the qualities of the specific gem stone enhancing the human experience. Crystals are unique gifts on this planet recalibrating your personal crystalline structure. Crystals and human DNA hold the memories of all experiences and at this time humans are rediscovering that they can expand and remember their soul essence of love. Please visit our retail store and consider a personal bowl to enhance and support your path.

Sound Healing Workshops

Awakenings' Singing Bowls Temple is a premier educational destination. Learning how resonance and vibration can capture and redistribute our vital energy is key to self healing. To foster our homeostasis, understanding the subtle fields and captivating our expanded consciousness the alchemy bowls, tuning forks, and gongs are the new age tools.  Each participant departs with an ability to chime and drone with excellent techniques creating a healing atmosphere to soothe and expand themself.  Please join our expert instructors and workshops to open your new path to your divine instrument of a human and galactic body!

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