Healing Vibrations


Mally's spiritual vibrations offer a healing session combining a deep blend of yogic and indigenous knowledge.  Her global experience with indigenous gifted an ability to view into the physical body and see your cosmic light. Using clairaudience, clairsentience, and clairvoyance Mally releases pathways and delivers healing on physical, emotional and spiritual levels.


Prior to your arrival, Mally tunes into your needs asking for Spirit's guidance.  Your session is unique and co-created with Sprit to open a profound sacred space that is all your own.  From this insight, Mally chooses  the modality that will best raise the frequency of your healing vibrations. Each session begins with readings from the Awakenings oracle deck. Symphonic and Balinese gongs broaden your natural psychic field and Hopi rattles disconnect you from the outside world.  Sounds from crystal alchemy bowls guide you through this journey stimulating and balancing your Chakras and clearing emotional debris.  Gentle yogic movement may be added if Mally believes it will assist with your transformation.


Your spirit is birthed anew into freedom and space and you dive deeper into self realization and the acceptance of love.  

60 Minute Session - $195

90 Minute Session - $250