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Healing Grief


Grief is a deeply personal and complex journey, and Mally Paquette offers unwavering support every step of the way. Drawing from having her son transition to the afterlife, Mally shares insights and wisdom gained through her experience, providing a unique perspective on navigating grief while embracing life's continuation.

In one-on-one healing sessions, Mally provides empathetic listening and gentle guidance, helping clients explore their emotions, process their grief, and discover resilience amidst loss.

Recognizing the profound bond between humans and their animal companions, Mally offers specialized support for those grieving the loss of a beloved pet. With empathy and understanding, she assists individuals in finding healing and comfort amidst their grief.

Mally collaborates closely with clients to craft customized grief support plans, tailored to their unique needs and goals for healing. Whether through individual sessions, group participation, or a blend of modalities, Mally ensures that each person's journey is honored and supported.


Inspired by her belief in the transformative power of compassion and understanding, Mally walks alongside individuals and families on their path through grief, offering solace, guidance, and the reassurance that healing is possible.


With Mally's support, navigating the complexities of loss becomes a journey of growth and resilience, illuminating the path toward a life filled with love and cherished memories.

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