Awakenings in Sedona

A Place to Awaken from Within....

Mally's practice is located in beautiful Sedona directly under the powerful Thunder Mountain Vortex drawing on Sedona's profound magical energy.  

Through Yoga practice, Meditation, Spiritual Experiences and Sound Healing, Mally personally supports your journey in this sacred place. 

Come.  Join us and Awaken from Within!

About Mally

Mally's life has been deeply entrenched with indigenous cultures. Her spiritual roots are embedded with Native Americans. She founded a nonprofit organization, NAAP  to serve the Lakota on Pine Ridge Indian Reservation in South Dakota. For a decade she studied the Lakota traditions and in 2002, she was adopted into the Sioux tribe and cherishes this unique honor.


Mally teaches through Chakra Psychology and her intuitive gifts. She listens to the deeper bodies and can translate ones physical ailments offering a therapeutic new path to optimal health. She delivers healings through traditional yoga therapy and sound vibration.

An energetic Yogini awaits you and will offer you a sacred and safe environment to heal, expand and discover depths of your soul you have dreamed of.