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We believe yoga is an ageless practice for every age, body type, and level of experience! Yoga is a lifestyle.  Wherever you are is exactly where you should be!


We help our students find the perfect yoga poses to progress wisely, learning essential alignments and building strength as they move through their Yoga practice! 

Beginner or expert, you will leave our Studio alive in the deepest part of your being and filled with contentment and peace that comes from experiencing breath work, movement, meditation, and the healing sounds of crystal bowls.  



Mally has studied with spiritual leaders and lived among Indigenous Tribes throughout the globe. Her deepest teachings trace to the Lakota in South Dakota and the Kogi in South America.

A true yogini, Mally thrives with the teachings of Patanjali's Sutras and her greatest influence in Yoga was learning from Manju Jois. She is a certified Yoga Therapist with IAYT and is also certified in Ashtanga, Kundalini, Hatha and Restorative. Her passion for Vibrational Healing is integrated into all holistic modalities.

She guides clients on a soulful journey to discovering the teacher and healer within themselves and supports expansions into higher consciousness. A gift for every person to claim!​​



Shari’s passion for each client has cultivated her individual healing approach. She has studied Yoga over the past decade and received her certification at Awakenings Yoga Studio. She delivers Hatha, Restorative and Yoga on the rocks.


Shari’s connection and knowledge of skeletal anatomy remind us to discover sacred breath & peace.  Her enthusiasm and sweet nature welcome all levels of Yoga students.

She founded Community Uprising Chocolate and creates amazing healthy chocolate treats which locals and visitors enjoy.  



Kally passionately brings her depth of life’s experience to her yoga teachings and practice.


A nurse for over 27 years, not only has she helped patients “hands on”  but has assisted in teaching and helping them learn to love themselves during challenging health issues.  Her greatest gift is  listening to each individual's concern and creating a trusting and healing relationship.


Kally loves to empower people in their health -inside and out!


Practicing yoga for 10 years and obtaining her 200 hour Hatha certification, she brings her passion to the mat assisting others to connect to their inner and outer glow....


Sue is passionate about new ideas, healthy lifestyles, and Spiritual Development.  


A Yoga teacher for 19 years and a Certified Holistic Health Counselor, Energy Healer, and Ordained Minister, Sue loves working with people.   

She operates the Empowered Light Holistic Expo, coordinating Expos, Conferences and Spiritual Retreats all over the world. 

Her Mindful Yoga class fosuess on alignment and is a class for deeper exploration of flexibility and strength.  


Sue brings new ideas, spiritual practices and information to all who attend her classes.  


This yoga is very powerful and healing for the entire body.  This ancient and royal practice integrates mudras ( hand gestures), mantras, postures, and breathwork creating a state of deep stillness and restores the entire body. Upon completion, students feel enormous clarity and are energized from the Light within.



The practice of Ashtanga incorporates the eight limbs of yoga; yamas,  niyamas, pratyahara, pranayama, asana, dharyana, dhyana, and samadhi.

Breath is partnered with every movement and an internal heat is built bringing a deep transformation. Through this classical style of yoga proper alignment is imperative and rejuvenation is emphasized.

Chakra Clearing


A unique and fun yoga class with the use of essential oils throughout. Three to four Yoga postures are visited at each chakra (the energetic centers). Students enjoy releasing and creating a pranic (breath)  flow to greater health. A great beginning class for anyone wanting to try Yoga with gentle stretches and challenges offered for the more experienced levels.

Restorative Gentle Yoga

This gentle practice is guided at your pace to heal and restore on mind, body and emotional levels. Safe releases with the support of props and bolsters ensure a restoration both physically and spiritually. 


Muscles are allowed to relax in passive poses with longer holds to release toxicity within the tissues.  At the end of class, crystal bowls are played helping students move into total relaxation which deeply restores each individual.

Hatha Slow Flow

This class welcomes all levels with several modifications offered throughout.  Classical postures are offered with details of alignments delivering a balance of Sun and Moon energies within.


The masculine and feminine are merged creating harmony and designing a more open body creating space. Prana abounds and stillness is found. This class is excellent for pain relief.

Sound Healing Journey

True wellness is determined by the efficiency of the energy flow through our bodies. Vibrations from gongs, tuning forks, and alchemy crystal bowls are played for students as they deeply relax on pillows in a warm darkened room.

Uttati Essential Oils enhance this experience allowing all of your senses to participate in this transformative healing experience.  Ancient Lemurian and Atlantis wisdom are taught throughout!