Sound Journeys
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Since human beings are comprised of more than 70% water, the high vibrational frequencies from crystal bowls integrate  into the cells and the organs recalibrating the human body. Each alchemy crystal bowl vibrates to a different tone and note which affects the different chakras, the energetic centers throughout the body.  

Private or group sound healing sessions are all about you! Mally chooses the vibrations to play based on your specific healing needs, whether it be illness, sadness or an overall need for deep relaxation.  

Individual 60 Minute Session - $195

Each additional person - $40

Call for groups of 6 or more.

Sound Healing Workshops

Awakenings' Singing Bowls Temple is a premier educational destination.Alchemy bowls, tuning forks, and gongs are the new age tools that foster deep healing.   Learning how resonance and vibration can capture and redistribute our vital energy is key.    


Each participant departs with an ability to chime and drone with excellent techniques creating a healing atmosphere to soothe and expand.