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Mally teaches through Chakra Psychology and her spiritual, intuitive gifts.  Mally has lived with three profound tribes: the Kogi, the Hopi, & the Lakota, gaining iconic information for this pivotal time on the planet.

Through ancient healing techniques and Indigenous wisdom, her soulful guidance delivers a new awakened path. 

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Wisdom Paths

Join Mally in a sacred space that allows insight into your life's journey.

In Wisdom Paths, you receive two private sessions with Mally.  For 2.5 hours you are surrounded by  Mally's healing auric field and your heart opens to spiritual guidance.

Sound Journeys

Let the healing sound of Crystal Bowls elevate your consciousness and relax your mind. Each private sound healing session is 60 minutes of deeply relaxing sound accompanied by Mally's spiritual guidance.  

Truly a rich Sedona experience.   

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With ancient knowledge learned from the Kogi, Mally will help you recover your spirit using shamanic techniques.  Each private session is 90 minutes, allowing Mally to engage with spiritual guides, assess your energetic body, and provide shamanic cleansing and healing.