Heal with Sedona's Most Intriguing Medicine Woman

Through ancient healing techniques and Indigenous wisdom, her soulful guidance delivers a new awakened path. 

Private Healing

In Sedona where the healing vibrations are so strong, you can find your place of peaceful transformation through individual healing sessions.  

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Experience Crystal Awakenings

Lemurian Crystals of Awakening are natural healers for the heart and are coded with awareness of the ascension process.


In the Crystalline Temple you will experience a rare 75-minute clearing session surrounded by hundreds of healing crystals.  

Mally performs only two clearing sessions a week which allows the Temple to regain its accelerated energies.

Sound Healing

Join us outside, in the evening air, the sound of Crystal Bowls elevating your consciousness and relaxing your mind. 

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Sedona Style

Join us outside, fresh air, wisdom with beauty all around for this healthy, intimate yoga practice. 

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A Special Sedona Retreat 

Mally's dear friend and Peruvian Shaman, Jorge Luis Delgado will be in Sedona to special day together  teaching on the 7 Harmonies and Qualities of the Light! 

 A  profound speaker and teacher, Jorge will guide you through your present, your past and your future.  

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Retreat to
Mt. Shasta

Join Mally at Mt. Shasta!  

Let  Mt. Shasta's vortex and Mally's wonderful healing spirit lift you through yoga, conversation, meditation and walks through this thoughtful wilderness.  Mally will guide you, work with you and help you reach inside yourself to the peaceful within.  

Call Mally to Register for this wonderful experience!

Mexico Flyer Nov 2021.jpg
Retreat To

Join Mally with Sun & Sand in Mexico!  Find peace as you practice yoga and meditation to the sound of the waves caressing the beach!  Be with Mally in this intimate retreat where she will guide and work with you through the pains and bewilderment that can take you away from your true self.  

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Seeds of Awakening

Come  and let Mally lead you through  Monthly Astrology, Wisdom and Healing.  

Your True Self

Got a few minutes?  Take in the beauty of Sedona as Mally, Sedona's renowned medicine woman,  fills your senses with the wisdom of sound healing and yoga postures that will help you through your day!

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 Footprints of the Ancients

Join us outside, walk the same paths as this land's ancestors with Sedona's premier healing shamans.  

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