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Death Doula

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Death is a natural part of the beautiful tapestry of life, yet many of us seek to shield ourselves from its inevitability. Mally, a compassionate Death Doula and Mystic Medicine Woman, gracefully guides her clients through this profound process, drawing from ancient wisdom to illuminate the path for impacted individuals and their families.


Opening a sacred space of reverence and respect for your loved one, Mally employs ceremonial practices and sacred rites to honor these natural transitions. With gentle teachings, she fosters a continued connection through the phases of the afterlife, ensuring that the journey is navigated with grace and understanding.  Harnessing the power of crystal bowls and guided meditation, Mally creates a harmonious sanctuary where individuals can release tension and enter a state of profound relaxation, preparing them for the journey ahead.


At the appropriate time, Mally practices the sacred art of anointing, honoring the individual's passage beyond this realm with profound intention and respect. Guiding families through the burial process, she infuses each step with sacred significance. She offers invaluable tools and insights to support the spirit as it traverses the realms of the Bardo and the Neters.


Recognizing the importance of leaving behind a meaningful legacy, Mally provides compassionate guidance for those wishing to create end-of-life legacy projects and final letters. Whether compiling cherished memories, imparting wisdom, or expressing final sentiments, Mally ensures that the essence of one's life journey is captured and preserved, living on in the hearts of those left behind.


Mally's profound personal journey through grief, marked by the loss of her son, grants her unparalleled empathy and insight into the complexities of the grieving process. With this deep understanding, Mally provides her clients with unwavering support and commitment amidst the ever-changing landscapes of grief.


Her conviction in celebrating the transcendence of a life well-lived shines through, affirming that each passing is to be honored and cherished, leaving behind a legacy that resonates with love and remembrance.

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