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Your Soul Awakening

Embark on a profound healing journey in "Your Soul Awakening" a transformative exploration of self-discovery. Designed to provide the intensity and depth needed for significant growth, Mally's program consists of two sessions—a foundational 60-minute session followed by an immersive 90-minute session. This focused healing experience offers an opportunity to delve deep, uncover hidden aspects, and propel you forward on your path of personal transformation.

Mally's "Soul Awakening" is a transformative offering designed for those who find themselves disconnected from their inner self, purpose, or higher power. If you are experiencing intense emotional turmoil, emptiness, sadness, confusion, or a deep longing for something greater, this session holds the potential for healing, inner peace, and emotional balance. 

Your journey begins with a 60-minute session dedicated to setting clear intentions, creating a sacred space, and opening the pathway for profound exploration and awakening. Mally utilizes shamanic techniques to balance and align your energy field, fostering a harmonious flow of vital life force energy. Through introspective practices, deep relaxation, or guided questioning, you journey within, uncovering hidden aspects of yourself and gaining a deeper understanding of your soul's purpose and journey. This prepares you for the subsequent 90-minute session, where the stage is set for deep healing and spiritual awakening.

During the 90-minute session, Mally expertly facilitates healing and release work. Through invoking energy healing techniques, breathwork, sound healing, or other modalities, she focuses on clearing blockages, releasing stagnant energy, and promoting inner healing and transformation. Mally may also call upon your spirit guides and the more expansive aspect of your being to bring forth guidance, insights, and clarity regarding your life path, relationships, and personal growth.

As the session draws to a close, integration becomes the focal point. Mally provides guidance and equips you with practical tools to embody your awakened self, make conscious choices in alignment with your soul's calling, and manifest positive transformation across all areas of your life. The intention is for the experiences and insights gained during the session to seamlessly merge into your daily life, empowering you to walk your path with authenticity, purpose, and profound self-awareness.

The investment for this profound 2.5-hour experience is $444.


Mally blesses you on your path, wishing you the most complete and fulfilling life.

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